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Post 2 – A Snapshot of An App In Development

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Hey everyone! This week I’ll be going over an app that I’m currently working on for a school project and I’ll be explaining some of the development process. In this project, I’ll be working with another mobile developer from my class and will likely also be soliciting some help from our professor. It’s a fairly large-scale project for the time frame that we have to complete it, but I’m confident that we can pull it off.

First, I’ll give a brief overview of the app idea and where it came from. As part of our assignment, we had to go out and find a real-world client and build a mobile app for their business. I connected with an old friend who is now running a marketing company in Toronto and he pitched me his idea – an app created for gamers who like to stay current with the cutting edge of the industry. This app would allow users to take advantage of several key features:

  • View a list of upcoming new video games (sortable by genre and platform)

  • Read a description, view images, and watch trailers of the selected game

  • Rate and view ratings of the game based on how excited you are for its release (hype meter)

  • Be amongst the first to preorder new games

Before we started the development process, we had to meet with the client and go over the project as a whole and decide what exactly it is that they wanted. Once this was done, we made use of a few tools and methods that usually help streamline development. These include storyboarding, creating a flow chart, and finally, making a Gantt chart. Storyboarding is essentially drawing up a rough image of what each page of the app will look like and where each element lies on each page. A flow chart is a visual representation of how the app works and how the user will navigate the app. The Gantt chart is to plan out each stage of development, assign/track tasks, and allocate resources for the entire project.

We’ll be using Flash Professional CC as a main development tool as well as Photoshop for graphics and Audacity for audio. The main development languages include PHP, MySQL, ActionScript3, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. So far, we’ve developed the bulk of the front end and interface, but the most challenging aspects are yet to be built. We still need to create a CMS for the client to load in new content as well as create scripts to develop feeds of the content. These feeds will be read and displayed within the app with the use of AS3 + PHP and the clever placements of elements on the stage. Once complete, we can publish for several platforms including web (SWF), Android (APK), iOS (IPA), and BlackBerry (BAR). This ability to publish for several platforms is one of the major advantages to developing with Adobe’s Flash Pro.

Currently, this app still hasn’t been named. This shouldn’t be much of a problem though, because the client’s marketing company also focuses on branding. Well, that’s all I have for this week and I hope you enjoyed this read. Before you go, please let me know what you think of this app idea and let me know if there are any features you’d like to see in later versions. If you have any cool ideas for branding or a name for this app, please comment below. Also, check out the link below for a preview of the project up to this point. Until next week, thanks!

Preview this app


Post 1 – An Introduction to Kevin DeMara

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Hey everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I’m Kevin DeMara – a 25 year old Mobile App Developer from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be updating this blog with my insight and opinions on the wonderful world of everything MOBILE! First, I’ll give you an introduction to my background and how I became interested in the field of mobile and web development.

It all started when I was about 8 years old when my parents bought our first computer. The internet was painfully slow, the machine was massive, and the specs we’re comical compared to today’s standard, but I was ecstatic. I remember the feeling of downloading my first song on Napster and sending my first IM on ICQ. It was a freedom I’ve never felt before and I knew this device would change my life forever.

Within weeks, I was already starting to understand the basics of how the web works and I couldn’t wait to learn more. As the years went on, my curiosity grew and by mid high school, I was already well-versed in HTML, CSS, and was starting my co-op placement at Makita as a graphic designer. After graduating, I enrolled in the Information Technology – Network Security program at University of Ontario Institute of Technology. This program was great, but not what I had in mind, so I switched into the commerce program with the hope of gaining a business background to compliment my current tech skills. From there, I went on to major in e-commerce which combined my love of business with my passion for technology.

Upon graduation, I decided to take some time off to work on my own projects and explore. I went on an amazing road trip across Canada from Ontario to BC to see the country and enjoy hiking in the mountains (I really love the outdoors and travelling). On this trip, I came up with the idea to create a video streaming website for practice and put my web development and marketing skills to work. This project was my first taste of success online with massive traffic and a sizable payout. Within 6 months, I was pulling in millions of monthly visitors to my site and I was hooked. At this point, I also started to notice the trend of globalization becoming a reality and this prompted me to enroll in the International Business Management graduate program at Durham College. In this program I learned a lot about the world and the diversity of cultures as a whole. In April of 2013, I graduated with the award of highest ranked graduate and topped the president’s list. Although it was a great experience and a huge eye-opener, this program made me realize that tech was my true passion and it was time for commerce to take a backseat role in my life.

Today, I am enrolled in another graduate program at Canadore College called Mobile Application Development. This is by far the most useful and practical year of post-secondary education I’ve had up to this point. When looking at the today’s trends and seeing how everything is going mobile, I find it amazing that this program isn’t wildly popular. I am learning how to develop apps for Android, iOS, and even Blackberry, plus mastering the elements of responsive design. Also, this course covers the basics of most tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, teaches UX (user experience) principles, and the fundamentals of 3D animations with 3D Studio Max. To say the least, even an experienced web guru would certainly learn a thing or two from this course.

Well, that’s about all I have for today, but I’d like to end by asking your opinion. Over the next decade, what role do you see mobile taking in our culture and the web as a whole? Will it continue to grow and overtake desktop and what will our mobile devices look like? Talk to you next week, bye!