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Text by thinking

Hey everyone!

This week I’m going to give my opinion on the future of the mobile industry. I’ll be going over up-and-coming new technologies as well as their impact on the world. Things are evolving and changing at such a quick rate that it’s difficult to accurately predict what’s coming next. Some may find this scary and others will find it exciting, but the fact is: the future is coming whether we embrace and adapt or demur and lag behind.

Before looking into the future, I’d like to give you a quick reminder of the changes in the recent past.  Phones went from being strictly land-line to mobiles that looked like over-sized bricks. From here, the evolution quickly began and within just a decade the phones decreased in size many times over, increased in power and features many times over, and eventually became “smartphones”. This was the leap that truly changed our culture. The smartphone took the best of computers and shrunk it down, added interactive applications, integrated the internet and took computing from the desktop to the pocket.

Click the image below to see the past, present, and future of mobile in a graphic.

Since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve had many new mobile innovations and leaps forward such as voice, sound, and image recognition. These all have their practical uses and are getting better each day. We’re coming close to a time where mobile artificial intelligence isn’t far off and I believe we’re drawling closer to a time where humanity will be faced with an ethical debate. This technology will bring new opportunities but also new problems. What happens when a phone or computer becomes so smart that it takes your job? What happens when your phone becomes an integrated part of your biology? Will you allow a mini phone to be implanted into your body? Will you allow a phone to read your brainwaves? Though it sounds like science-fiction, this is a coming reality. If you were alive in 1980 and someone told you that you would soon have the world knowledge in your pocket, it would also sound like science-fiction, right?

There are countless new technologies that are on the horizon, but I’m just going to focus on one today- texting by thinking.  Instead of trying to explain it on my own, I’ll paraphrase from one of my favorite websites: Get ready! You’re now in the year 2020:

“In addition to 5G, phones are now available with the option of texting by thought power alone.* This is achieved by a combination of eye-tracking technology and a sensor-mounted headset worn by the user. The headset contains a brain-machine interface which detects electrical brain waves and converts them into digital signals, then displays the resulting letters on-screen.”

Some high-end models can be used with glasses or visors featuring displays built into their lenses. This enables completely hands-free texting, creating a form of virtual telepathy. The process is rather slow at this stage, requiring a high degree of mental concentration. It is more of a novelty for now. However, advances in the coming years will enable smooth and fast interactions, revolutionizing the world of communication.”

This, to me, is amazing. I often have a debate with my friends about how I want to live for thousands of years and how they think it’s an unrealistic and also bad idea. Not only do I think it’s possible, but I think it’s probable. It’s new advances in technology and changes in the world that inspire me and make me want to live that long in order to see what comes next.

To close off this post, I have a few questions for you (feel free to answer in the comments below). Where do you see the mobile industry heading? Would you be willing to merge with technology and implement it into your body in order to gain some kind of advantage or new ability? Finally, what’s your opinion on text by thinking and similar technologies that gain access to your brain and mind? I’ll be back next week with some tips for mobile design. Thanks for reading – see you then!

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  • Jessica says:

    Great post! I’m also excited to see what the future holds, technology wise but I don’t know how I feel about technology gaining access to my brain and mind. I mean I don’t know if I want ALL my thoughts to be public, you know what I mean?

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